5 ways the creator economy can change your life

Download to see if it’s for you When I turned 40, 2 years ago, after having my second baby, I was determined to find a way to design my life so that: I can have more control over what I am doing, and when I am doing it I can work doing something I absolutely … More

What will your legacy be?

Anything you create can live online forever As I grow older, and I see my parents get older and plan their retirement, I often think about things like: How am I spending my time? What am I doing to maximize the present? What can I pass on to my children that they can learn from? … More

For working mums looking for another income source

The creator economy is a good place to begin In this turbulent world, nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is guaranteed, full stop. All we can do is count our blessings and work on what we can control. Two things that are in our control are what we choose to do for work (to make money), and … More

Learn to love the chaos

Embracing the mindset of surrender It took me forever to realize and to accept that life will always have some level of chaos after having children. We have full-time help, and my parents live close by, but it is still always chaotic. The mornings, as we each get ready to be in different places, are pandemonium. No matter … More


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