Needless to say, my motivation to blog lately has been zero. When I do think of writing, I land up … More

Emotional Fog

I’m going home tomorrow for 3-weeks after 18 months of living in Madrid. I should be on an emotional high … More

Spooky Post

Two of my best friends who send me post and gifts EVERY month are Sanitas (my medical insurance) and Bancaja … More


Is anyone as annoyed as I am with this face? I SEE IT EVERYWHERE ONLINE. EVERYWHERE!!

Frivolous Cravings

The plan for 2008 was to notch-up the content of my blog. I have a few readers who I bombard … More

That time of the month

I find it absolutely vile that we women have to go through drudging bouts of physical pain and emotional vulnerability … More


“Andas sola?” (estamos bailando) “Si” le dije. (normalmente miento por que siempre conozco por lo menos 5 personas cuando voy … More

Cold Chicken and Computers

Cold grilled chicken (which actually tastes great by the way), coffee, Chinese food, Doritos, Cookie Crunch, coffee, diet Coke (which … More