Diary of an Indian Girl in Spain: A Memoir

This book is the journey of an Indian girl who quit her soaring career to move to Spain to learn Spanish, dance salsa and immerse herself in a new culture

Working a 60-hour week in a multi-national public relations firm left 26-year old Abha exhausted and soulless. Weekends were spent zombie-like on her parent’s couch, with no energy for a life outside her work. She lacked inspiration and a zest for life. Was this it? Was this going to be the rest of her life? The thought terrified her. She was too young to feel like this. She had to change her life.

This book details Abha’s practical and emotional journey of quitting her corporate job and moving to Spain to learn the language, dance salsa and travel. Never having been to Spain, nor speaking the language, nor knowing anyone in the country made her decision daunting, yet the most rewarding and transformational one of her life.

Through a collection of blog posts she wrote while going through this transition, you will read what encouraged her to take the leap, how she went about it, everything she enjoyed, all the obstacles she faced and how she dealt with it all. She discusses how she became a travel-blogger and taught English as a foreign language that enabled her to extend her planned six-month sabbatical to three years.

It has stories of the highs and lows of being in a foreign land, of strange and funny cultural encounters, of random and unexpected learnings that come with living overseas for an extended period of time.

If you aspire to move to a different country to immerse yourself in a new culture, this book will give you first hand practical and emotional insight into the process. A must read for anyone looking to experience living in a foreign country.


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