Day 5. Post 5. I’m allowed a blab.

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It’s past midnight. I have just come home. I’m exhausted and have no energy to write. BUT, the good thing is, what felt like an eternal writer’s block is slowly disappearing. I now have a few good post ideas floating around and I’m excited to develop them.

Writing everyday is not easy, whether you have the time or not. But, since I’ve committed to it and started the process, everything I see, or read, hear, smell or feel makes me wonder how I could turn it into something interesting to write about. And suddenly stories start coming to my mind. I have to be switched on all the time and lock in what I’m going to write about everyday, or I’m never going to live up to this self-inflicted 60 day 60 posts challenge. I say it like it’s painful, but it isn’t. It’s glorious to be writing again, and to have people read what you write and react to it.

The challenge is to not only write, but to write something of some value. Something that your readers will find interesting, amusing, inspiring or entertaining. Good writing often needs additional reading, some research, perhaps a visit somewhere, and better organisation of your time so you can fit in what you need to do, to write more than a personal blab at the end of a long day – like today 🙂

Tomorrow will be a better writing and less blabbing day. 


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