Richard and his song

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This is a story that reiterates a fact that we often forget: persistence and passion certainly pays.

I’ve known Richard for over 10 years now; we went to university together.

He was a big-talker, and not a good singer (sorry Rich, but this line is key to the story). I remember listening to him sing at uni and thinking, oh dear, someone please tell him that singing isn’t his thing — maybe he should just pursue playing the guitar, or playing golf, that’s where he has scope.  But, crushing someone’s passionate ambition is the most horrible thing you can do to a person. He wasn’t as bad as the crackpots on American Idol. He’ll figure it out, I thought.

And he did. He knew what he wanted and kept at it; nothing could stop him. Belief in himself and sheer desire to write songs and sing, today has lead him to have two bands, regular gigs at public live-music nights, and a recent appearance on Dubai One TV (which you can watch here). He sounds fantastic. The song you will hear is one written and composed by him, and very him indeed. And I love it.

If you like what you hear, you can often catch him at Peanut Butter Jam on Friday Nights (at Wafi).

Lesson: Any talent can be nurtured. All you need is the desire and discipline.

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  1. a-hem Avatar

    Really? I was in school with him… He was a few years older, so I didn’t know him personally or anything, but I always thought he had an amazing voice… Then again, I’m no expert. 🙂 Good to see him doing so well!

  2. KJ Avatar

    Thank you for reminding us of the power of will.

  3. AmitL Avatar

    All you need is desire and ambition-indeed very true, Abha-thanks for sharing Richard’s determination story here.

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