After 8 months of working pretty hard, I’m now officially on holiday! It seems like ages since I had any time off and am thrilled to have 3 weeks of it.

I have a plane to catch in an hour; off to Goa for a family reunion. About 35 Malpani’s are getting together in Baga. Great grandmothers to great grand-daughters, and the whole age spectrum in between. It’s going to be a riot!

Then I fly to NYC for a weekend to hang with my cousin and hopefully catch up with a few friends. I’ve never been to NY, but I feel like I’ll find it familiar, thanks to all the TV programmes I watch.

Then I fly to Ecuador for 10 days. Not quite sure what I’m doing there yet! If I can crack my visa to Peru, I will hop over to do the Inca Trail. Anyhoo, let’s see what happens.

Will definitely try to blog while I’m there. Traveling in unknown territories inspires me to write, so hopefully this blog will come alive again.

That’s all really. Happy summer!


  1. Hi,Abha-heyy,good to see a post here..and,have a great vacation in all these places,specially picturesque Goa and historical Ecuador.:)Looking fwd to inspired posts from each of these places.

  2. Just saw reference to your trip to Ecuador. Curious if u couls tell us something about the trip and tips for the trip.

    We travel a litlle bit yo Latin Countries- So far Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, and Trinidad & Tobago.We had great time all the places except a little bit theft of our bag in Lima. We are planning to tour the remaining South American countries, Centtral American , and Caribean countries.

  3. Some tips about Ecuador. We are planing on some travel to Latin American Countries in Central & S America-have been to Nicaragua,Honduras,Peru, Trinidad & to travel economically.

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