Immortal MJ


The impact of MJ’s sudden death to me is similar to that of Princess Diana in 1997. Heartwrenching and unbelievable.

I loved MJ as a child and grew up with his music. My room was full of his posters. My books had MJ bookmarks. I had all his albums on tape and then on CD. I had all his movies on VHS and could recite Thriller by heart. Billie Jean is an all time favourite, The Way You Make Me Feel is a song all girls want guys to sing to them, Bad is rad, Black or White made a much needed statement, and Heal The World still makes me cry. And, he was the best dancer on the planet.

When I was 8 years old, MJ released his autobiography. It cost £9 at the time and I was desperate to have it. My pocket money was £1 a month; I saved for 9 months to have it; and then read it in 2 nights.

The man touched millions of people all around the world, redefined pop, and made history. He will never be forgotten.



  1. Hi,Abhi-that was a touching tribute to MJ…I was also an MJ fan at that time,and remember saving money to buy the original Thriller audiocassette. Black or white,Thriller,Billie Jean,The way you make me feel,Beat it-all were/are my favourites.

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