Adwomen Middle East: Session and Talk

A few days ago, I had the privilege of speaking at a session of Adwomen Middle East. Social media being one of the most talked about subjects today, thanks to my blogger background and current position as new media consultant, voila, people want to know what I have to say (ha, figure that!).  I spoke about why brands cannot afford to ignore social media and how powerful internet users have become today.

It was the first time I spoke outside a client’s boardroom. Was quite flattering and motivating, and am really thankful for the opportunity.

Also, the venue at — Shelter — was just. awesome.  Really cool, underground, chic, arty, funky, inspiring venue. I must go there more often. Perhaps for the next Pecha Kucha.

It’s not easy to speak in front of a large audience who have come just to listen to you.  I spent good time planning and practicing what I wanted to say; but of course, on the day, I let my mind wander and I said what I felt, trying to stick to the points I’d planned to make — without much success (yes, I digressed and waffled, on many occasions!). However, I felt surprisingly confident and I think that’s what pulled me through it.

The overall feedback was that it was a good session.  Two of my colleagues attended and their feedback was very encouraging as well. I really wish a close friend came (and not missed it because they had yoga or forgot, welcome to Dubai?),  someone who would have given me brutally honest feedback and some tips on what I could have done better. My mum came, she said I moved a lot and was very animated. Hmmm.

Anyway,  it was a great learning experience for me, and I really hope that I gave the audience something worth coming for.

It was also wonderful to meet a group of bright marketing professionals interested in connecting and sharing knowledge. I look forward to attending the next session.

The PowerPoint presentation I made and video of the same (yikes) will be up on the Adwomen website soon, so will link to it when I can.

Happy Thursday!

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