Blogging Hiatus

My blogging hiatus for the last month or so has been the result of long office hours, and extreme repulsion to my laptop when I get home.

When I was a blogger I wrote about 70 posts a month, so perhaps I’m also a bit blogged-out.

Today I woke up with an ardent need get back into the blogosphere actively.

So while I attempt to make that happen, I will leave you with an article of mine that appeared in this weeks issue of  Campaign ME.

Unsurprisingly, it’s on Social Media; it’s more of a personal take than anything else. Comments are welcome!

“Authenticity is key” — Abha Malpani on brands and Social Media (as re-published on Campaign’s blog).

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Interesting and well thought out essay. Authenticity is something most corporations do badly, because it’s impossible to fake.

    Glad to hear you’re getting back into the blogosphere. I’ll be starting at Gadling in a couple of weeks and it’s going to be waaaay different than simply keeping up with my personal and professional blogs.

  2. Hi, Abha-intuitively, I logged on today,and,voila-there’s a post from you!!:)

    Congrats on the article in Campaign-on quite a pertinent topic-I often wonder whether any transparency is on the minds of people when they reach out to people…and,surely,many of them would not be able to stand up to questions coming from people…for example, I’d like to ask the Pizza people- do they really think that promoting pizzas by showing kids calling their Daddy ‘the best’ simply because he gets them pizza,is the way they see things?Do they do the same for their kids,or,do they bring them up on a healthier diet than pizzas?I’m sure it’s the latter:)
    If you don’t mind,I’m blogrolling you today.:)

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