Chat with Scott Monty

scott-montyA few days ago, being a new media consultant for an agency and all, I got the privilege to be in on a conference call with Scott Monty, head of social media at Ford Motor Company.

Having read about him often across multiple blogs as they quote Ford Motor Company being one of the most successful brands in social media, I was quite excited to be in wire-connectivity, first hand, with the man who is responsible for it all.

It was a short call, and more introductory than anything else – probably his first call introducing himself to Ford co-workers across the globe.   I hoped he would go into more detail – perhaps stage 2 of social media (post basics) – but I guess the situation warranted it to be a simple ‘awareness’ call.  Nonetheless, here are a few useful soundbites from his Webex session about a brand and its engagement in social media:

“Asking someone to create a viral video is like asking them to write a best selling novel.” (A much needed insight, especially to offer clients!)

“If you don’t give your consumers answers, they go somewhere else.”

“Being relevant to people when they don’t need you is the key to successful social media communication.”

Post chat, of course, we connected on Twitter immediatley which made it all curiously tangible. An example of how social media makes easy accessibility to people who otherwise aren’t.


  1. Hi,Alka-maybe the grass seems greener on the other side,but,I’d just love to be a part of the work you do!!Quite liked Scott Monty’s quote on being relevant to people when they don’t need you….I feel it applies in real life communication too!!

  2. Good Lord-I just saw my comment..I think ur name is imprinted as Alka in my memory…Soo sorry…it’s probably coz her name’s on top of my alphabetic blogroll..!!!!!!!!*shakes head in disbelief*

  3. Enjoyed the soundbite quotes, especially how the concept of relevance continues to lead all these conversations forward.

    As FYI, if interested in following-up with Scott about social media, he’ll be live on Sun’s SociallySpeaking BlogTalkRadio tomorrow (3/24) at 4pmET/1pmPT

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