Ryan Air Boo Boo


Those of you who missed the recent Ryan Air social media engagement blunder can read about it here.

Basically, a web developer called Jason Roe found a flaw in Ryan Air’s website which allowed customers to book a flight for £ zero. He blogged about it and Ryan Air lost the plot in their reply, called him a liar and an idiot, and lots more things.

Now, I found the story and Tweeted it. A friend replied to it by Tweeting the story on Ryan Air wanting to charge £1 to use the bathroom on flight. To which I replied saying “yeah, Ryan Air has gone bananas.”

Ryan Air Twitter hawkers found that Tweet and replied: (not exact words): “The bananas are as bruised as your mothers. Your conversations regarding Ryan Air are as amusing as they are boring.”

Now, they are not the exact exact words because I can’t find that reponse on my Twitter replies anymore because the Ryan Air Online Twitter account has been suspended.

I did get the chance to call them morons on Twitter though. Morons.

Now my questions: Although Ryan Air has its issues, it is one of the most successful budget airlines in Europe. How could anyone in their right mind working in marketing write what they did on Jason’s blog? And also, how can you check whether a brand’s Twitter account is authentic? (Without tracing the IP address, because you know, I don’t know how to do that.)


  1. Hi,Abha-this whole saga has become amusing,to say the least…but then, at least it indicates that twitter is also being taken seriously..:)As for having to pay to use the loo on an aircraft, well,I can’t think of anything more ludicrous than that..and,imagine their losses-people won’t buy inflight drinks and all,just to avoid the urge to purge,right?haha!!

    I do remember an article on other items which will be taxed on budget airlines-

  2. Hi Abha,

    Long time, How u doing?

    I was monitoring this issue in the last couple of days! its going to be social suicide for a brand.

    They have got a very bad reputation online, check out Google First page result for the brand keyword,


    It’s a Youtube Video, Ryanair Long-haul flights have “blowjobs” included!

    This is going to be an interesting case study.

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