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The most exciting new thing I’ve done in a while, is sign up to As somebody who is thrilled by receiving postcards (irrespective of whom they are from), on discovering this service through dear friend Grizzled Old Sean [ha!:)] I haven’t been able to contain my excitement.

Ok ok, I’m not getting orgasms from this service, but it’s super cool because you get to send and receive postcards (real ones IN THE POST!) from complete strangers. PostCrossing currently has over 86,500 members from 191 countries, and 300 postcards are sent every hour!

It’s not entirely like Pen Pals, because the person I send a postcard to may not necessarily send me one back. But that’s cool, because I’m not in it to make new friends, I just want random postcards!

Today I sent a postcard to someone in New Orleans and to another in Metsapyyntie (!?) in Finland. The more you send, the more you receive; you can even do personal swaps if you’re a collector of kinds.

Most people I’ve shared this info with think it’s lame, I think it’s awesome. I don’t want to compare it to Post Secret (which I also think is awesome), because it’s completely different. Anyway, will post a picture of the first postcard I receive! You can read more details about the service here.

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