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sunflower1Needless to say, my motivation to blog lately has been zero. When I do think of writing, I land up drafting a a swamp of emotions that I then decide better not to share. Goes against the entire purpose of blogging, eh? But really, I rather not deal with the consequences of pouring my heart out for no solid reason.

I’ve always tried to portray myself as strong and practical, but I’m really a sensitive and emotional sop. Not using this blog to let these emotions flow freely is my first effort towards snapping out of it, learning to grow up, and be more pragmatic about things. As a result, I choose to stare into space than blurt out a rant.

I no longer want to talk about how my day is filled with constant reminders of my life in Madrid, nor do I want to bitch about being back, nor do I want to rave that I have a great job in these miserable economic times. I often feel that I lose perspective and there are far more important things to be shared, discussed, and debated.

So when my dormant inspiration decides to wake up, I will be back here, hopefully blogging about things bigger than me.

Hasta pronto.

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  1. Amitl Avatar

    Hi,Alka-you know what-last week,I had a similar demotivational period..firstly,excess of work at office,then,hearing about five colleagues being told to go. And, hearing about 2 friends who also lost their jobs and are desperately looking for one…cumulatively,it makes my mind go numb.

    But,then I realized-at least writing is something which relaxes me-so,I continued!:)As always!!:)
    (Hope that inspired you,besides,of course,the fact that avid readers like me are fans of good writing!*smiles*)

  2. Amitl Avatar

    Oops- I wrote Alka-ROFL…I meant Abha,of course..:)So sorry!That’s the weekend of a sudden drop in office thoughts!TGIT.

  3. Internet Guy Avatar
    Internet Guy

    Solid reasons should not be the only reasons why one writes. What is a solid reason anyway? Just let your thoughts flow, and don’t try to portrait yourself as anything. Portraying is acting. Be yourself, strong or emotional, intelligent or dumb, just be yourself. Write for the fun of it. You’re not hired to write on this blog, so there is no one you report to. You report to the world, and the world is as diverse as the billions of its citizens, some of whom might stump upon your blog and some who intentionally stop by. Someone’s serious note is someone else’s nonsense. Be yourself and be internally motivated. If you need an external motivation, well … I hope the fact that I am reading your blog is enough of an external motivation.

    Feeling blank sometimes is a strength. To me, blank is not an empty space. Rather, it is a space full of emotions, thoughts, love, need, want, desires, and other mixed emotions. They just need to be sorted out.

    ~ Internet Guy

  4. abhamalpani Avatar

    Amit L: Thanks for the note

    Internet Guy: Thanks a lot. I needed to hear everything you’ve written here so carefully. Comments like yours make a huge difference to me. It’s hard to be always motivated internally, thanks for the external motivational push 🙂

  5. Amitl Avatar

    Hi,Abha–I hope this ‘fan of good writing’ will soon see your next post..:)

  6. Darshan Avatar

    I have a decent 9-5 job. have had a for a long time. still I yearn for freedom. i was introduced to classical music some time ago. up until then my emotions manifest thru anger. well they still do. but the likes of mozart, sufi and bhimsen joshi did make a difference. i know its a very long journey but when i look back i think i learnt this : the idea is to express freely and just care enough… bcos the battle between free will and inner voice is eternal.

  7. Nam Avatar

    I know what Abha needs – we need to find her a guy! :-p

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