50 year old post card!

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Sean's Postcard!

Today was a great day because I received this awesome postcard from dear friend, writer, and best person in the world to have breakfast with: Sean. It is about 50 years old and he bought it in one of those cool antique/junk shops in Madrid. Oh how I love receiving snail-mail!

It’s a Luftansa postcard from 1965, and from what it looks like, it was probably one of those freebee promotional flight postcards. What makes it even cooler is that at the back, there is a detail handwritten by the person who actually picked-up the card 50 years ago. He got it, dated it, wrote his destination on it, and then never sent it. Interesting choice by the way, Sean.

I wonder who he/she was? I wonder who he/she bought it for? I wonder why it was never sent, I wonder how it ended-up in a junk shop, I wonder what he/she would say if he/she found out that the postcard was sent to some Indian girl in Dubai. So awesome. Also, notice how they didn’t have closed overhead baggage compartments back in 1965.

Anyhoo. Muchísimas gracias, Sean!

In case it wasn’t clear enough: I want more post! I will even return the gesture, I promise. Anyone want my P.O.Box? (Yes, Ive been deprived of snail-mail for way too long.)

8 responses to “50 year old post card!”

  1. bhawana Avatar

    WOW how awesome..Yeah I noticed that 🙂

  2. Sean McLachlan Avatar

    ¡Hola! I’ve been junk shopping and a couple of surprises will be popped into the local buzón on Monday.

  3. Darshan Avatar

    nice post post a bit of lull!

  4. BillyWarhol Avatar

    Fascinating + amazing Photograph*

    i got an antique one from Brussels*

    ;)) Peace*

  5. AmitL Avatar

    Hi,Abha-I do believe I’ve been to your blog sometime in the past.:) Good to be here again..oh,wow-a fifty year old postcard..your ‘wondering’s on who must’ve bought it,why he must not have sent it,etc,brought a smile to my face.:)
    Hey, I love snail mail,too-been ages since I got any mail,except for etisalat and credit card bills…so,should we exchange P.O. Box nos??:)

    BTW, there’s a place in Sharjah Gold Souq,which has the most fascinating curios,and, such postcards, phone cards(from whole Gulf region),currency notes,etc..I love going there..but,they demand an arm and a leg for them.:)

    Do drop by my blog sometime.

  6. Gennaro Avatar

    Nostalgic photo. Really interesting. I can’t imagine over-head bins that weren’t closed today. Half the passengers are carrying luggage-size bags aboard.

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  8. Muna Avatar

    Love the postcard, but still not as cool as the one I sent you from Loch Ness 😉 Love rummaging through old stuff, wish we had a flea market nearby. I guess Oman’s old souqs will do for now.

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