Can you believe it’s 2009?! I remember the Y2K chaos vividly…that was 10 years ago. Time flies so quickly, it scares me. One day I’ll wake up and I’ll be 60, probably wondering where all my life went.

Overall, 2008 was a phenomenal year for me, a lot happened: I lived in Madrid, my heart got broken, I broke somebody’s heart, I took an advance Spanish exam, I got certified from the London School of Journalism, I wrote approximately 500 blog posts across 5 blogs, I tried doing my own Bollywood gossip vlog, I watched the musical Beauty and the Beast in Spanish, I went to a mini-running of the bulls event in Valencia, I was in Mumbai for the 26/11 terror attacks, I moved to Dubai, I got a real job, and I bought a car.

I write this today with mixed feelings, and a strange undercurrent of insignificance. December became a serious month of reflection. After the terror attacks, I watched A Wednesday, Mumbai Meri Jaan, and read The White Tiger (I plan to review it soon); and for the last few days, all I’ve been thinking about is Gaza. Recession, and hearing about friends losing jobs is what’s running parallel to world-terror thoughts. So, I’m not so positive about things this January 1, 2009. I suppose it’s a mix of personal and socio-political emotions, both I don’t really know how to deal with.

I have much to be grateful for. I live in a house full of love, I have a great family, and a great job. Nothing else matters, right? But that’s so selfish. That’s what’s overriding my thoughts today. Silly perhaps.

I’m not going to say I want to give-up what I have and take up a cause so that my presence on this planet matters and I help change the world. I don’t know what I want to/need to do.

I’m also still rolling in (selfish) transitional (Madrid to Dubai) turmoil. I need to find new friends and new hobbies to get my spirits back up from neutral to positive. Then perhaps my life can take new meaning, both for me and for the people around me.

Perhaps one place I can start the development of a constructive thought process is my blog. Until now, it’s been a platform to rant and rave about nothing really; it’s been a lazy and selfish attempt at personal expression. Nothing is wrong with that – it has given me vain satisfaction, but steering it slowly towards being a platform of intelligent social conversation is going to be my effort this year.

On that note (assuming I have some readers): What would you like to read on my blog? Any thoughts/feedback, please feel free.

Otherwise, I’m going to focus this year on living, loving, giving, and forgiving. And, not letting the wrong people or things get the better of me.

I wish you all a wonderful and more importantly, peaceful 2009. I hope you keep reading me!

(Oh, and incase you were wondering, I stayed in with Dad last night. We ordered Kerala fish-curry and watched Mamma Mia! Was a quiet, great evening. Missed mum and brother, though.


  1. First of all wish you and your family a very happy new year.
    I really love reading your blog.
    I welcome the idea of keeping the blog more interactive, though I feel that, it has been quite interactive in 08 as well. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hungry for more posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ah yes, the Late Twenties search for identity, I remember it well. I called it my Pre-Midlife Crisis. I changed girlfriends, changed careers, and changed countries. It all worked out well in the end.

    The search for meaning in life is a tricky quest, and a constant one. The main thing to do is follow your dream, once you find it, of course. It took me until age 29 (plus a Pre-Midlife Crisis) before I realized I was a writer and not an archaeologist. I’ve found that only pursuing my writing keeps me full of meaning. That and my family.

    Neither would be sufficient on their own, however, and that’s where a lot of parents fall down. Raising a kid automatically gives you something important and worthwhile to do, but so many people decide that’s all they can or should do. I think that’s why so many people get boring after they have kids, and why so many kids think their parents are losers.

  3. I came across your site from reading your interview in the archives over at My Year Getting Published. As a somewhat new writer myself, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that type of thing- how to get started in writing, tips you’ve learned about blogging, experiences, etc.

    I’d also love to read about what Dubai is like. It sounds like an exciting place to live!

  4. I agree with Rob, it would be fun to hear more about life in Dubai. The challenge would be to make it informative for the people who have never been, but not boring for your readers who do live there. But you’re an experienced travel writer so I’m sure you can do it!
    Did my postcard ever make it to you? Sending stuff around Christmas is always a gamble.

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