Post thrashing

Got a nice little slap post about something I wrote on Vagablogging.

I suppose that rant of mine was unjustified. They are my unfiltered feelings, the minute I found out about the book. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so it’s all good.


  1. I agree with the BudgetTrouble blog that you should have read the book first, but their name calling was pretty childish!

    But, I also agree with your Vagabonding post that a book about NOT traveling to places is just being complaining. I mean, not everywhere encourages tourists to come with pristine airports, museums, etc; but these places could still turn out to be really interesting. Unless Greenberg meant his book to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek?

    1. Thanks Rob, I know, I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. I wasn’t trying to review the book anyway; I was making people aware of the book, and giving my opinion on the book’s concept. Anyhoo…thanks for stopping by!

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