Down time

Sorry for the lack of posting here. Between unpacking, working full-time, and car hunting, and doing the odd posts on Gadling and Vagablogging, I haven’t had much inspiration to write.

I hope I will snap out of that soon.

Otherwise I’m joining every online “Españoles en Dubai” group I find online. It would be awesome to have a Spanish group of friends here. Am watching a Spanish film almost everyday (I brought back 16 with me), and am reading Cortazar. Ha. Tough, but I love it.

Still a little down. But that’s OK. I’m just letting myself be; I’ll be over it soon. I hope.

All for now. Bear with me a bit and I promise a more cheerful and interesting post soon.

Whoever’s still reading me, thank you! 🙂


  1. I am still reading your blog, although you’re no longer Madrid (and I still haven’t managed to find pani puri ;-))

    Anyway, just wanted to wish you all the best in Dubai and coincidentally I’ll be around visiting my parents out there for Xmas and New Years if you fancu a guiri spanish conversation!

    Keep up the blogging!

    1. Hey Oswald! It’s always wonderful to hear from readers! We should totally meet when you are here. Email me when you get here and I will send you my telephone number! Hasta entonces.

  2. Cool, will do! Can’t wait to get out there and defrost, it’s bloody cold in Madrid!

    Will drop you a note.


  3. Downtime is good for you! I’m in a serious post-book slump right now, and I still have another deadline Friday. Then I’ll be free. Oh, wait, my kid will be out of school. Ah well. zzzzzzzzz

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