The last few weeks have been a bit crazy. Moving from Madrid to Dubai, and spending time in Mumbai before getting Dubai, didn’t leave me with any time to blog.

I arrived last night to Dubai from Mumbai after a crazy week there. Am already at my new work.

It’s all happened so quickly that nothing has really registered.

More soon.


  1. Hey Abha. Nice Header. I gotta learn this whole html language thing. The things that one can do to transform you blog are amazing. Anyways, see you moved to this new space. Its a good space.

    Btw, was interested in knowing something. See u just returned from Mumbai. U basically got firsthand feel of what was going on there at ground level. What was the feeling like? The tension, etc? It flipped my dome when I heard bout the attacks. Unexpected, from an outsider’s perspective. Any insights from your side though? Keen to hear and looking forward.

  2. I’m so glad you’re okay…Hope you settle in all right and I look forward to hearing your reflections.

    muchos besos.

  3. Abha hello, here I am researching on your blog … As you may appreciate now read and write in English: miracle? No translator, I found it fun to play jajaja to exchange words with you in your language …. give it time to change … especially now okay to stand and let things settle. a hug full of love:) monimonster

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