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This transition phase of moving from Madrid to Dubai has added to my schedule a number of silly yet important things to do. 6-hours of Spanish a day and doing the bare minimum blogging for other websites, among the silly yet important things to do, has left me tired and numb, so not quite motivated to blog here. (I prefer being numb to being sad, is that a bad thing?)

This week is a little crazy. I have a training day at the Madrid office of the company I’m joining in Dubai, as well as the DELE Superior Exam the coming Friday. The probability of me passing the exam is equal to the probability of me failing it, so I’m just going to see what happens and not worry about it. Did I tell you it’s a 5-hour exam!? They really test your ability to concentrate for that long more than anything else.

So do bear with me for the next few weeks. Once finding some ground in Dubai, I hope to blog about more concrete things that affect me, and the world around me. Until then, incase you wanted to know:

– I got red highlights in my hair.

– I finished reading Como Agua Para Chocolate (excellent book) and have started reading Isabel Allende’s El Reino del Dragon de Oro (The Kingdom of the Golden Dragon).

– I gave up the job as Dubai expert for Planet Eye.

– Sent out 21 postcards from Madrid to dear ones. (I really enjoy sending postcards!)

– I watched Kika, Amorres Perros, Princesas, Los Habitos Negros, Flores del Otro Mundo, and El Nido Vacio. All GREAT Spanish-language films.

– Took a Typhoid vaccine.

Peace out for now.

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