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In about 2 months I’ll be packing up my life in Madrid and moving back to Dubai. Last week I signed a contract to work in social media, in the capacity of a senior consultant. I’m going back to the same company I left before moving to Spain. I was thrilled that, after 2.5 years out of the corporate world, they see my stint in Spain as a big value-add to my career. I go back to them with blogging/new media/web strategy experience + a good level of fluency in Spanish. I signed the contract a few weeks ago and today I bought a one-way flight ticket. Ouch.

The more I think about it, the more positive I am about this. I am ready to get back into a solid routine in a good company where I can work hard (and play hard too, of course). Won’t have to worry about income and growth for a while, that’s part of the package.

I looked around my room today and was thinking how I’m going to pack up. I have SO.MUCH.STUFF. The amount I can take back with me on the plane? 20 kilos. How am I going to pack my life into 20 kilos? I suppose this is a good time to get rid of excess stuff, and the rest I could ship back. My best friend from Dubai is coming here mid-October, perhaps I can sweet talk him into taking a bag back for me. (Rami? OKOK we can talk about it : )

My mum and dad are ecstatic to have me back, and some friends have already started offering me help to look for a house, and borrow one of their cars till I buy my own. My brother approves too: “didi, now you are all set,” he says.

I’m excited and ready for change. I love Madrid and I hope to come back some day. I figured I’m not an entrepreneur, I can’t stand teaching English anymore, and am blogged-out; staying here would probably lead to stagnation and debt.

All that said, I’m going to be a wreck as time for me to leave comes closer. My schedule till then is pretty tight. I write in the mornings, Spanish from 3pm-8pm, I come home and have Spanish homework after which I’m normally ready for a glass of wine. In between all that, I’m doing errands, gym, and trying to maintain a social life. I take an advance Spanish test November 21, a few days after I fly to India where I am until November 30, when I fly to Dubai. December 1 I start work. I like it this way though. No time to think or dwell on the frivolities of the situation.

Funny how earlier in June when I went back to Dubai, I was crystal clear I didn’t want to move back there. I guess things do change, as do people.

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