Rolf Potts new book: “Marco Polo Didn’t Go There”

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Rolf Potts book, Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide To The Art Of Long Term Travel, gave me the last and strongest push to quit my job and live abroad. It’s a must must read for anyone thinking of hitting the road for an extended period of time. He remains a great inspiration to me, and I’ve been lucky to be one of his bloggers for the past year.

His new book, Marco Polo Didn’t Go There, has just hit the stands and I hope to get my hands on it soon. As Rolf says in his interview on Tim Ferriss’s blog: “…it’s a collection of stories from the road — a showcase of the type of travel experiences that vagabonding has provided for me over the past decade.”

Other than the book, the interview also touches on the art of slow-travel, using technology while traveling, and making a career from travel-writing. You can read it here. For more on the book, check out an excerpt on Rolf’s website here.

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