Technology Vs Relationships

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One of my ex-boyfriends almost always prioritised his computer over me. I remember when he talked about buying a Blackberry, my immediate reflex reaction told him that I’d have to break up with him the minute he did that. So, when I read that 35% of 6,500 traveling executives would choose their Blackberry over their partners, I wasn’t the least surprised, but further saddened.

“I can live with it. I can’t live without it,” says one of the surveyed in the article. 87% of them bring their Blackberry into the bedroom, and 62% say they love their PDA or Blackberry. Sigh.

I understand the importance of and the addiction to communication devices. I’m quite addicted to my laptop and the internet, however they don’t come before, or even close to my personal relationships.

The same goes for telephones. In the past, I remember being mad at the people I would be hanging out with who would answer their cell phones while we would be talking, and banter with the caller. Why did the caller get more importance than the person infront of them!? Unless it’s an emergency, an international call, or something that cannot wait for an hour or so, it’s unacceptable behaviour to me.

Meggan, a good friend of mine once said to me: “Life is all about personal relationships. Without them, we have nothing.” I agree with her 100%, and it disgusts me to think that electronic devices are in competition with that.

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  1. Luis Ortega Avatar

    Here are my 20 cents…

    Funny how we create dependancy on cell, and how slowly but surely does affect in one way or the other our relationship.

    Yesterday I was talking with a friend about how ‘naked’ I feel not been able to use my USA phone in Dubai. Not like I’m expecting a call, but just the knowing the damn cell phone does not work, give me this strange sensation of emptiness… stop laughting!!!

    On the other side are the texting… for some reason that I’m still to understand, I desided to foward my email to notify my cell phone when a new email arrived… bad, bad, bad… It lasted a complete 3 days!!! The alarming number of interruption yet the curiosity was not affecting me, but also those around me… It was nice to feel “important” 🙂 yet it was anoying as hell…

    Not like I had a ‘breakup’ with my cell phone, but it’s good have our priority strait… Sanity in personal relationship should come before the technology-communication (text/email on cell phones) Not like we should isolate out of the modem world, but respect those around you when suddently stop talking to start responding a text with another text.

    Those are my 20 cents…

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