Rocks (yes, ROCKS) of snow fall in Madrid

I woke up with a scare because this is what was happening outside: (view from my window right now)

That’s the size of the things falling. Hard, fast, and in every direction, along with rain, thunder, and lightning.

I have never seen anything like this in my life! Who was telling me not to complain about the weather?! It’s September! Crap.


  1. “Rocks” of snow? Ummm. . . that’s called hail, Dubai girl! You probably go skiing on sand dunes! “Granizo” in Spanish, not that I’ve ever seen hail in Spain before!

  2. Yeah, it did happen in Dubai – I actually got a bit of it – we just happened to be playing football just when it happened.

    And oh, anyone see “The Day After Tomorrow” ? In the movie, it hails in China, but more than golf balls, foot-long “rocks” bombard the city.

    Ever gonna happen in real life?
    You never know

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