The weight of sign-offs

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I think when you write someone (a personal note), the way you sign-off says a lot. Just those few words before your name at the end of a note can change the whole tone of a message.

There are some so neutral that I wonder why people bother writing them at all, like “Best”, “Cheers” (I hate that one), “Regards”.

Then there are those that are friendly but still pretty neutral (however better than the above): “Take care”, “See you soon”, “Till later”, “Stay in touch”, in Spain “besos” (kisses), or “abrazo”(hug).

Then there are the common but warm ones that no matter how unoriginal they are, it’s just awesome when you read them at the end of a personal note: “Love”, “Much love”, “Lots of love”, “I miss you”, “Fondly”, “Thinking of you”, “Pxx”, “Yours” — one of my bosses when I wrote for Gridskipper used to sign off with “Yours”. Coming from a boss (who I’d never met), I first thought it was weird, but then I grew to like it and it opened my relationship with him. In Spain you have ones like “amor” (love) and “con cariño” (with affection). I’m not much of a romantic but I’m a sucker for warm sign offs.

Then there are the creative ones — which no matter what they mean, or are meant to mean — are just awesome (well, most of them anyway). My brother signs off his emails to me “Lovelove” (I’ve stolen that from him and use it often too). There was a time in my life where I used to sign off “squillions of thoughts”. Yeah…ugh. I think I also used to put a smiley face next to it. Super ugh, eh? (Oh do you know on my old passport my official signature has a smiley face under it? Omg. So embarrassing when I had to sign documents in the bank, or cheques, or anywhere.) Other ones like “missing you like madness”and “craving you” hit the spot but of course, they’re very special sign offs.

I have a co-worker who signs off “Chaufa”. Chaufa is chinese fried rice in South America, and since it sounds like “Ciao”, a pretty novel way to sign off, I like it and use it often too.

Lately I’ve been receiving emails from somebody who always signs off differently and like nothing I’ve received before. “Baisers” (best kisses in French?), “Inspiration ‘n colors”, “Tenderness ‘n flavors”. Yeah…oooooooooooooooo. I’m not thinking much of it but I think creative sign-offs are awesome, the more original, the better.

Have any creative sign-offs to share?

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