12-hours with Timothy Ferriss

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The September issue of the The Men’s Journal runs a feature story on Timothy Ferriss, one of the most inspiring men I’ve come to know about lately. A must read when you have some time.

I’ve read his book “4-Hour Work Week“, and was blown away. As I wrote on Vagablogging: “For those not familiar with the book: it inspires you to be part of the “new rich” who work 4-hours a week, are independent of location, and earn enough money to do whatever they want to, e.g. travel the world, speak Chinese, etc. It shatters the notion of the conventional rich, who slog their whole life to earn mountains of money, only to retire old and unfit to do anything they wanted to. A BMW is bought with their hard-earned money, the rest of which stays in the bank as the owner wiles away his retirement vegetating and getting fat on some beach, on the road to ultimate boredom.”

A quote from the article in the Journal: “Nothing bothers me more than sloth. The objective is to fix mistakes of ambition and not make mistakes of sloth. I work my ass off.” Read it!

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