From a salsera to a salsero, with love

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Dear Salsero,

We girls love dancing with you guys, but there are some things that we cannot bear which is why we choose to avoid dancing with you again, and you call us salsa snobs. Here are some tips that will change your luck on the dance floor:

  • Cut your nails. They HURT when you hold our hands and scratch us while dancing.
  • We don’t care if you sweat, but it’s a big problem if you smell. Use deodorant, carry an extra shirt, and PLEASE chew gum.
  • Listen to the music and enjoy it while you dance with us.
  • We don’t care how many complicated steps you know. Don’t experiment dance-Twister with us.
  • We are more delicate than you realise. Don’t treat us like rusted machinery that needs to be pulled and rammed to function. Be gentle.
  • Try to realise when you step on our feet, and acknowledge it — that makes it OK.
  • Do not throw us up in the air. WE HATE THAT.
  • No more than 6 spins please. And after those spins, don’t let go of us — we are slightly dizzy and may fall.
  • It is fundamental you protect us from being hit and stomped on by other dancers close by. In other words, if there is limited space don’t use us to make space.
  • The first time you dance with us, keep a wee bit of personal space and don’t try to shove your leg between ours. Odds are the second time we dance we will let you do that willfully. However, that does NOT mean we want to go home with you or even talk to you.
  • Don’t try to feel us up, we are not stupid and we will tell the rest of the girls not to dance with you the creep.
  • Don’t try to give us a lesson while you dance with us. If we want lessons we go to classes.
  • Lastly, look at us when you dance.

Happy dancing.

3 responses to “From a salsera to a salsero, with love”

  1. bhawana kapoor Avatar
    bhawana kapoor

    Wow look so independent…where do u put up? Are u someone famous?

  2. Abhay Karnataki Avatar
    Abhay Karnataki

    hmmm. interesting tips. will remember them.

  3. Abha Malpani Avatar
    Abha Malpani

    Bhawana:I “put up” in Madrid (if that’s what your question was), and I’m not famous. Do you need to be famous to be independent?

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