Who said you can’t be the successful product of your own business?

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I’ve been reading a certian Julia Allison’s blog religiously for about 2-years now. I’ve always found it entertaining — both on an intellectual and emotional level, and the fact that it’s so effing personal has kept me hooked. Call it a girl thing, or whatever. She updates her blog every day a few times and upto 20 times a day on Twitter, both of which I check on a daily basis after I read the news. And sometimes I even check her stuff a few times, she’s great to procrastinate with. Yup, totally sucked in, and I’m not the only one.

Check out a recent article documenting her self-promotion that has lead to her becoming an internet celebrity, even though she is a nobody. (Ouch. Harsh but true. Good for her.)

I suppose her tremendous virtual tangibility is what keeps me hooked. Now she has her own business/website (Non-society) with her two best friends, where they document the minutes of their life. It’s brimming with constant updates, photos, videos and publicity stunts, and the initiative has lead them to get their own reality show. Whoa.

It might not be your thing, but she’s a great case study.

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