My Bollywood vlog experiment — episode 1

Bollyficial Episode 1 from Bollyficial on Vimeo.

I’ve always wanted to be a VJ. As a child I used to stand in front of the mirror for hours, pretending I was on MTV. I don’t know why I never followed it through. So, for what it’s worth and to get some presenting experience, my brother and I put together a Bollywood show for the fun of it.

We shot it at home in my bedroom with a bedsheet for a green screen. My bro co-directed, produced, and edited the vlog. Hope to do some on a regular basis, will keep posting!


  1. hey abha just now saw ur effort …it was wonderful u know being the first time but u seemed to be too excited and too many expressions coming wthout good gaps ,,i donno if u wud appreciate my comments …plz work on this capacity of urs im sure u will be happy being into this job and answers to all ur questns since last many blogs

  2. Very fun! Looked like you were having a great time. Hope you continue and develop your style.


  3. Funny but entertaining… job well done! btw Abha you still look as stunning as you did when I first met you 10yrs ago! šŸ˜‰

  4. Great job Abha.. you have a nice voice!

    You should send these videos to the TV guys!


  5. OMG ..You are awesome. I think you should totally get on TV cos u r funny, smart, entertaining and very likable.

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