Thoughts on "The Love Guru"

I recently wrote a post on Gadling about Hollywood and its misinterpretations of foreign cultures, with the just released movie “The Love Guru” as the main subject. It’s created a bit of a hoo-haa with strong arguments on both sides…check it out here.

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  1. Comedy is about pushing the envelope.. And that’s exactly what Mike Myers is doing.. All religions have been made fun of, ridiculed, and if you have faith in your religion, you need not worry! And more specifically, he’s making fun of self-appointed gurus who I feel have damaged Hinduism more than this movie ever will.

    Its tongue-in-cheek comedy and I am glad Myers made this film.
    Think of it like how back in college, the person who couldn’t take a joke, and were stuck-up. They never got accepted into the group.. The same could be said about this. Its like getting accepted into mainstream western culture and rightly so considering how many of us live in the west.

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