Love Mail

Since I’ve been blogging across a number of travel-blogs, I’ve often been victim of abundant love mail. Here are some of my favourite comments:

“Seriously can you have Abha write less articles that are about some messed up viewpoint and have him focus on travel related thing? I like reading about adventures and all things travel but he’s not very good at this.” (I’m often mistaken for a man)

” Wow, great – another useless column by Abha.” (Yeah, it’s really encouraging to write you know)

“This truly takes the cake for the most BS article ever. Abha really should stick to his/her other hobbies.” (Why do you keep reading me!?)

“Yes! Another negative article from Abha. I leave for two weeks to Cambodia, and this is what I get? I’ll be back in another two, maybe he/she will have been replaced.” (Nope, SHE’s not replaced yet)

Hmmm…actually, I thought I had way more stuff (I probably do but I need to hunt for them). I will make sure I save them in a separate folder now on so I can have a meatier such post in the future.


  1. I contribute to a humor website and, for the most part, the people who comments are…how can I put this delicately…the scum of the freaking earth. The site gets tens of thousands of hits yet the same dysfunctional creeps are the only ones who comment. I stopped reading them a long time ago.

    Comedy is highly subjective and if someone doesn’t think my stuff is funny, that’s OK with me. It probably just means that you are a normal, well-adjusted person. Just don’t try to tell me how I should write when you can’t even leave a 3 sentence comment without serious syntactical errors.

  2. Add me tho that list of writing personal stories on a travel blog. I would not like to read them there.

  3. Leftbanker: Thanks for the empathy. Guess what, the phatphree is blocked in Dubai!I’ll look at it when I’m back in Madrid.

    YOU LIVE IN VALENCIA! I lived there for 6 months, end of 2006 and often visit. What a great city! But, it was too small for me…I exhausted it in 6 months and moved to Madrid. Guess I’m more of a big city girl.

  4. It’s great how you call that “Love Mail!” Seriously, why can’t people who don’t like an article just move on to some other website? If I don’t like a show on TV, I just change the channel. Also, some of most profound travel writing is highly personal, I think much harder to write than just a list of where to eat and what to see. I wonder how much those commenters actually write.

  5. Leftbanker is right: One of the first rules of humor is that everyone’s sense of humor is different. So write what you want, enjoy those who enjoy it with you, and ignore the other putzes who don’t even know any better than to waste their own time reading stuff they hate, just so they can say so.

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