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Blogging has been scanty the last few weeks. Not only on here, but on other websites too.

Alot of distractions have not allowed me to focus much: last week of classes before summer, brother arrived from Texas yesterday, another cousin arrives tomorrow, we hang in Spain for a week and then we go to Dubai on June 4 for 3 weeks. My first time back ever since I moved to Madrid.

It kinda feels like the end of an era — but it’s not the end of anything really. I will be back in Madrid in 3-weeks and my life will resume as normal, with a fresh mind, new thoughts, new projects, new aspirations…well, that’s what I hope, anyway.

So I’m a stew pot of emotions on many levels right now. I’d like to blog about them but I feel that since the emotions involve many other people and plans, and are rather profound, they are too private to share publicly. I’m more worried about the people involved reading about it than anything else, and I’m not good at writing sparsely or discreetly, so I rather not. I don’t want to deal with other people reactions to my emotions — so it’s better this way.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, in the beginning I used to be more carefree about splurting out how I feel, and often found solace imagining that I’m being listened to — even if it’s by random strangers. I think it’s what made my blog a joy to write, now I’m more guarded about opening up publicly — not sure why. Perhaps that will change. Perhaps not.

I will be posting, but not as frequently. I hope you stay tuned!

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