Does blogging kill?

Well, I certainly hope not.

If there is any job description you can give me, it’s that of a blogger. That’s what I am, that’s really all I do. I’ve just started blogging for another site called Planet Eye, that will make it a total of 6 sites I blog for regularly (including mine).

Across all, I churn out at least 50 posts a month — at the end of which many times I just want to scream, or pick up my laptop and throw it out the window. The latter I can’t afford to do at the moment 🙂

But anyway, a friend sent me a link today with the subject “be careful”. The link pointed to a story in the NY Times that reports a feature on the death of two prolific bloggers, and the unhealthy lifestyles of other well-known bloggers.

Of course, blogging cannot be called the cause of death but the lifestyle it warrants is unhealthy enough to cause serious mental and physical problems.

Blogging can often get the better of you. I have spent days locked in my room blogging and felt the depressing side-effects of it. It is a lonely, isolating, tedious, and often frustrating profession.

The only way to stay sane as a blogger is to not compromise on social activities, but when you get paid per post, it’s hard not to just stay in and write instead — after all you do need to pay bills.

I’m happy to say that although I do fall into that trap sometimes, I’m good at dragging myself to go out, even if it’s on my own. You’ll find that being away from your computer and socializing will give you small bursts of very productive time blogging. I’m out with people at least 3-4 times a week, and at least once on the weekend. I hate teaching English, but it gets me out and makes me speak to people, a good paid break from the computer screen. I play sport, run and salsa to keep me physically healthy.

So, I’m not worried about “dying as a blogger”. It’s probably because I’m not as addicted or obsessed with it like many others. Also, although I thoroughly enjoy blogging (probably because I do it in large but controlled doses), over this year I have realized that I cannot be a full-time blogger. I don’t love my computer enough and am far too much of a social being. This article, nonetheless was an interesting read, one that every blogger will be able to relate to.

Fellow bloggers: be careful!

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  1. Hi,

    Somewhere I read it recently, maybe in one of the stories of Roald Dahl, that a little of work does not kill anybody.

    But then you are blogging way too much. Fifty posts a month! The good thing is that you enjoy it. Fine. The best part of your post is:

    “The only way to stay sane as a blogger is to not compromise on social activities….”

    So, Happy Blogging.


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