Aamir Khan’s Blog?

As I was updating myself on the China-Tibet issue I stumbled upon Aamir Khan’s blog today (he’s one of the torch bearers for the Olympic games). Now, I have stumbled upon many celebrity blogs — both Indian and international — but they have obviously been blogs for pure PR purposes, most definitely written by people hired to blog on their behalf. That’s enough to never want to go back to them.

But when I saw Aamir Khan’s blog today, I read a good number of posts and you know what? — I ACTUALLY THINK IT’S HIM!

He writes like he speaks, he gives life updates that could only come from him, he has spelling mistakes (surely a paid writer wouldn’t DARE have typos if he was writing for AAMIR KHAN!), and he has over a 500 comments on every post he has written.

I’m trying to think why I got so excited about this discovery. Aamir Khan is one of my favourite Indian actors; not only is he a phenomenal artist but is also an active social worker who has more often than not, used his fame to make a difference in needy societies. He has a strong and powerful personality that particularly shines through because in public he is very down to earth, he doesn’t act like he is a hotshot superstar.

So, I suppose the fact that I can now read stuff that seems like it’s totally written by him(?) got me looming.

If any of you have time and the remote desire to help me figure this out, can you read his blog and tell me if you think it’s real? Or is it just a great attempt by Aamir Khan’s PA?


  1. I think it’s legit. .. I read something in the paper a while back that was quoted word for word from one of these posts… and said it came from Aamir Khan’s blog…so… yeah!!! 😀

  2. it could be his. I think he used to blog earlier at MSN Spaces, but that was probably to promote Mangala Mangala. Guess you know what happened next? 😛

  3. What do you think about the latest comment on SRK in his blog?


  4. Rishabh: What happened next?
    Reemas: I just read that post, I really don’t care that his dog is called Sharukh.

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