El Canto Del Loco new disc launch

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Yesterday I went to my first press conference as a journalist. It was for the launch of El Canto Del Loco‘s (one of Spain’s most popular pop boy bands) new album – so it was obviously a big and “important” one.

I have probably organized and attended 15o press conferences, but only as a public relations professional, it felt strange being on the other side.

But honestly, it’s so much better attending a press conference as opposed to organizing one. I felt like that one hour I was at the conference was worth it because I was there to listen and to learn about something new; after which I’d have to write about it and I would be a mouthpiece for what I saw and grasped.

It also put into perspective what I did when I was in public relations. So many hours of work for one simple press conference: designing and producing press packs, writing and translating the press releases and backgrounders, photographs for the press packs, captions for the press packs, venue set up, venue branding, podium, mics, projector, teleprompters, menu for the event, press invites, press confirmations, press list, follow-up calls etc etc — all that work for something that wouldn’t last more than an hour and leave me wondering, what was all that for exactly?

I felt like a princess at this press conference. I was there for my brain, as a guest — what I do with the experience afterwards is up to me — it was strangely empowering and I felt better after that hour than I ever have after any press conference I’ve organized. Weird huh?

Anyway, those who care to know about El Canto Del Loco — they were really pleasant, down to earth, and approachable for how big they are. I was shocked that it started on time — something that rarely happens in celebrity conferences. They were happily mingling with the crowd after — you could get all the kisses, autographs and photos you wanted. All the press — print, TV, and radio alike — got all the footage, photos and quotes they wanted, with no hassle or drama at all. I went on behalf of European Vibe and will be doing my write-up soon.

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