I wanna go to The Next Web Conference!

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In my quest as a prolific blogger to become a more efficient one and get my geek juices flowing more vigourously, as I look for web conferences out of pure curiousity, I was thrilled to find one in Europe for a change!

The Next Web Conference

April 3 and 4 (shucks, that’s like NOW), The Next Web Conference will be held in Amsterdam. They have an orgasmic list of speakers, who are mainly incredibly talented web entrepreneurs, including:
  • Garret Camp: Founder and Chief Architect of Stumble Upon!
  • Erick Schonfeld:Formerly editor-at-large at Business 2.0 and currently co-editor at Techcrunch.com.
  • Werner Vogels: Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Amazon.com
  • Jessicah Mah: A 17 year old serial entrepreneur, blogger, and sophomore in college.
It’s an expensive conference but, in support of bloggers, they have a blogger’s discount (YAAAAY) which I’m desperately trying to get, and if I do — I’M GOING TO TAKE THE NEXT FLIGHT OUT TO AMSTERDAM!

Well, probably not. The discount is for industry bloggers, argh, but oh well — no harm trying, eh?

All I need to do is write a post (which is this) put a badge (which you can see on this post) and email “babette”(I have no idea who that is so I’m going to email some Patrick instead).

I’m pushing my luck, but if you are a tech blogger in Europe and want 500 bucks off the conference pass, you still might be able to get it.

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