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I ‘m pretty impressed with the budding blogging scene in India. Wait a minute, is it budding? I find that hard to believe, India being the technology capital of the world and all. I don’t know why but I perceive that blogging in India is relatively in its nascent stages as compared to the so called “international” scene. I think I feel that because I don’t see many quality blogs, nor do I see much integration of India-based blogs on popular international pages such as Technorati,, Stumble Upon, Twitter etc — but then again, maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention.

Anyhoo, there are numerous attention grabbing Indian blogs, but the two that stick out for me are a)Sepia Mutiny b) Mutiny. Fine writing, intelligent and knowledgeable insight, and witty. It’s the kind of stuff I’d like to write. I’m just so all over the place at the moment I doubt I’d be able to give grounded commentary like they do, but then again, I’ve never tried. (Maybe I will write them and see my chances hmmm). A must read for any Indian — do check them out if you haven’t already.

On that note, I thought I’d mention the India Blogathon that begins next month. As it aims to bring together Indian bloggers from all over the world to talk about issues affecting us locally and globally, I’m quite excited to see what comes of it and have all intentions to participate.

It’s a 7-day event where a certain topic will be posted every day. You can participate by leaving a comment or re-posting an entry with respect to the topic on your own blog, and the best bloggers will be identified by a jury (not yet announced). Details are a little sketchy on their website, but it’s really simple, you don’t need much more information.

Happy Indie blogging! 😛

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    Extending my heartfelt thanks on behalf of Mutiny and Blogathon India for this post. People like you always inspire.

    Looking forward to your participation at the Blogathon. Keep an eye on the site from 12th April onwards.


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