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Two of my best friends who send me post and gifts EVERY month are Sanitas (my medical insurance) and Bancaja (my bank).

Also, since I’ve started writing for so many blogs, I often get emails from writers/publishers who would like to send me books (for free!) to enjoy (and of course review — but that’s my call). I send them my details and within a week I normally get a package.

Receiving expected post is great. Receiving unexpected post is AWESOME! (hint hint to all those people I religiously send postcards to). Except when it comes from a company you don’t know.

Yesterday a book called “A Voyage Long And Strange” by Tony Horwitz came knocking at my door. First I was ecstatic to receive a package; I opened it excitedly to see it was a book, I then impatiently opened the letter to see who it was from and was more annoyed than happy to see that it was from Henry Holt and Company in New York.

It’s a good publishing house, the author is well known, and the book looks interesting — BUT HOW DID THEY GET MY DETAILS? In Spain!?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. My life is an open book. Google me and you can trace me back to my school days. However, I don’t remember making my postal address in Spain public. I suppose my details were sold and I can’t help but feel so vulnerable: people I don’t know in NY, know exactly where I live in Spain and are sending me stuff to my doorstep.

On a positive note, it’s a travel book not a free subscription to porn so I’m not too worried. Also, the book will hit the market on April 29 this year, so I’m one of the privileged lot to get my hands on it. That’s pretty cool.

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