Walking 9000-miles without money…

…is Mark Boyle’s execution of the Freeconomy Movement — a movement that is working on creating a world without money. This is the topic of my latest post at Vagablogging. Check it out here.


  1. Thank you Abha, This is not about Mark Boyle’s article, but about an earlier one by John Scalzi. Lots of very useful tips. The picture he presents worries me, though. I can hardly imagine getting into the publishing biz without an agent, and yet Scalzi does warn us that leaving somebody else to mind the store can do us no good…I’ve finished a rather long novel that I’m about to send out to certain agents, especially in London. So, I’m having to leave the refuge of imagination, the safety of fiction, to get into the dirty business. Funny, I used to live in Madrid and I visited their Writer’s Group–that’s how I heard of you. Does Sue Burke still run it? Also, I spent the last three years living in South Asia and I’m now writing a travel novel that takes place in India. I enjoy your blog and the many advice you give. Thanx, it could always be of use.

  2. Hey Herzog! Thank you for the message.

    Yes, Sue Burke does still run the Writer’s Group, what a small world eh!

    You seem to have an interesting life, filled with travel and writing. Why aren’t you blogging! 🙂

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