Varying Perspectives

Sarina: Hey, Abha! How was your birthday? What did you do?

Me: You know me, not a birthday person. Was quiet and nice, Chinese food with boyfriend, nothing special. How was your birthday? What did you do?

Sarina: Ah nothing much either. Quiet and nice, I went to the Maldives with boyfriend, nothing special.

Me: Right.

Oh universal energy that surrounds me, don’t ever let me be so inappreciatively blah about things.


  1. Didnt think u were type who wanted to be whisked off to the Maldives!!!

    Still remember your narration of that first date – He came all dressed up. U were in your torn jeans an a tee. Hotdogs at Emarat along with the smell of petrol was the memory huh. BTW…did he ever call back?? 😉 Just kiddin.

  2. Musterrrr:

    I’m not that type at all. It was the normalcy with which it was said that phased me.

    As for the guy — we dated for a good while ay — that was a super original, winner plan 🙂

  3. hahahaha….good stuff!!! I’m sure it was a super plan….the guy was intoxicated by the petrol fumes….didnt know what hit him till it was too late huh…..just messin 😉

    Trust me….now u know what we GUYS have to go through to make a lastin impression….well some of us 😉

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