Bush may move to Dubai?

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Today’s Gulf News says: “Sources close to the planning of the presidential trip reveal that Bush instantly fell in love with Dubai. He even alluded to the possibility of perhaps moving to the city as part of his White House plans.”

Did anyone else catch this snippet of information while he was in Dubai? Did you have a reaction?

Anyway it’s probably the most insignificant line in the entire article that focuses on Dubai’s political neutrality, but I couldn’t help imagine the possibility.

He would probably live a precious life in Dubai. I see him sipping expensive bubbly at the Bush Tent of the Dubai World Cup; with VIP seating at the Tennis Open, having countless photos with the Sheikhs; on page two of Gulf News business section playing golfing at the Montgomery; on the cover of Ahlan! as he decides to spend a night at Trilogy; running the Dubai Marathon; chief guest for sport’s day at Choueifat International School; skiing down the slopes of the Dubai snowdome at Emirates Mall with a santa hat; smoking sheesha on a terrace at the Madinat; and being spokesperson for the American Hospital.

He would take up much space in the newspapers, so the Khaleej Times will come out with a weekly supplement called the Bush Times. Then 7-Days will come out with another one called the Bush-Basher.

He would drive the Lincoln Navigator. (Yaay, Ford — weren’t you always looking for an ambassador in the country?)

Blissful retirement refuge in luxury I’d say.

(Okok ridiculous line of thought. Will get back to work now)

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  1. anish Avatar

    haha brilliant 😀

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Loved it.Quite funny.
    Deena and kishore.

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