Stop. We don’t like it. Really.

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Why do guys think that making kiss and hug sounds over the phone is better or more effective than saying “kisses”, “besitos” or “big hug”? And whatever happened to a simple old-fashion BYE!?

I find it a complete turn-off, not to mention repulsive, when I hear a “muah” on the other end of the line. It doesn’t sound natural, nor does it sound normal, nor do you make those sounds when you actually kiss someone on greeting them so why it’s necessary over the phone is completely beyond me. (No it’s not creative, nor is it original). Writing it is acceptable, but sounds over the phone…BIG NO NO.

Hugs over the phone are worse. OMG I used to have a friend (big on hugs, obviously) who would call me every morning and “sound me” a hug over the phone.

What does a hug over the phone sound like? I don’t even know what a hug sounds like in person but this friend’s imagination made it sound like the sound you make when you wake up in the morning and do a long cat stretch; this he would fill with words describing how I must imagine him coming out through the phone to give me a hug.

Yes, he was a bit mad. Yes, he did it with much love and affection (which I truly, truly appreciated), but yes, it was the most annoying thing EVER. Of course, I could never say that to him so I accepted it as part of a routine I had to deal with every morning.

So yeah, if you do any of these things, trust me, people on the other end unless they tell you that they love you doing that, THEY REALLY DON’T LIKE IT, and DEFINITELY DON’T think it’s attractive, so just stop!

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