How do you get to my blog?

Google Analytics is like a God send for anyone who remotely cares about who comes to read their blog, from where, and what brought them there.

It’s interesting to keep up to date with what posts most people are reading on your site, but what’s more interesting (and possibly shocking) is to know what readers searched for and landed up finding your blog.

Here are some of the not popular (thank goodness), but truly strange key words that have lead people to my blog:
Daniel Brühl Naked — Huh?
– My perm
– 2008 Emails of Abha — what sick person is trying to look for my emails? Whoever it is, FYI you cannot google people’s emails.
– Dubai Hotel Sex — I wrote a post on Dance Bars of Dubai that is one of my top 5 most read posts, so I guess this search is justified
– Miguel Ruiz De Elvira — Who is he?
– Abha sexy girl — Should I be flattered?
– ABCD Indian Girl — Yeah, that would be me, except I wasn’t born in Amreeka
– Ayesha Taka is fat — Huh?
– Benidorm Boobs — I wrote a post once about a Marc Anthony concert I went to in Benidorm, and I think I might have mentioned J.Lo’s ass; that’s the only explanation I can think of for this one!
– Cynicstan — Hmm.
– Gira Aloo — hahaha
– Good places to pee — that’s a great post idea, eh?
– Pathan Breakfast — hahaha I’m sure they land on a post that describes a big breakfast I once had at a Pathan joint in Dubai (Ravi’s in Karama)

And that’s about all the amusing ones. I’m happy to know that these are the minority searches.


  1. of course it was…..I mean knowin u for soo long….an having been subjected (thankfully NOT YET) to your brilliant culinary skills….its only natural… 😉

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