Adios 2007

Another year has gone fleeting by. Wow. I remember vividly the uproar for the millennium — 8 years ago! Doesn’t it scare you how time flies? It petrifies me.

Anyway, bottom line is that there is nothing we can do about that but realize it and make sure we are making the most of our time.

2007 has been a very eventful year for me:
– I moved to Madrid
– I got my TEFL certification
– I taught English
– I passed the intermediate DELE (official Spanish language exam)
– I blogged and vlogged
– I started writing for Vagablogging, Gadling, Written Road, European Vibe and Map Magazine
– My blogging contract for Gridskipper ended
– I presented a video for a Jon Spencer concert
– I went to Galicia (Northern Spain), Barcelona, Valencia, Granada,Paris (twice!), Malmo (Sweden), Copenhagen, and Rome.
– I joined a writer’s group and a Vipassana (meditation) group — both I made a point of staying in contact with
– I worked on the European Radio Awards in Barcelona
– I did some web consultancy for an online marketing strategy firm
– I was interviewed on Write-to-Travel blog
– I was featured in a travel e-book
– I salsa’d A LOT and started to (well, tried to) learn Tango
– I went through 4 pairs of dancing shoes
– I got mugged of 20 Euros
– My parents visited, and so did 3 of my close friends
– I dated a Spanish boy, and started dating an American one
– I watched the Rocky Horror Show
– I learnt how to make curry! (Yeeeeeeeeehaa!)
– I pierced my nose (TODAY!)
– I became an aunt
– My brother moved to Texas
– My grandmother died of lung cancer
– My grandfather’s second wife died of a heart attack

What does this all mean? How do I feel? How have I changed? What is in store for 2008? Bugs Bunny knows.

Resolutions for 2008? I’m still letting 2007 sink in for the moment.

Thank you and cheers to all those people who have been reading my blog. I hope you stick around in 2008!

Happy New Year.


  1. you know what really strikes me the minute i read the first few line of your blog?? It’s amazing how you ceaselessly manage to amaze me EVEN NOW!! I thought i was over that years ago; but here i am again… Also wanted to point out a similarity trait on grounds of the TEFL certicicate, tho i did go on to get the ELT, NLP and Six Sigma Black Belt; and the writing bit. Am in the middle of writing a book myself – a ‘philosophical-fiction’, if you will! All i can say is – WOW Woman!!!

  2. Sidharth Rao? Waooooow. Where are you these days? Since when have you been reading my blog? Why haven’t you gotten in touch before? Do you have a blog?

    I hate all these social networking sites and am not joining anymore! Drop me a line sometime if you want!

  3. You’ve pretty much answered your own question there woman! I ‘have not gotten in touch before’ because you evidently “hate all these social networking sites and are not joining anymore!”… lol. I work out of Bangalore now and setting up my offices in Mumbai and Pune. This is my third company, built and sold 2 others already, involved in consulting on the HR, Fashion & Media and Investments front. My core competency, however, happens to be training. Writing has always been a passion. Whats been up with you girl??!! You completely disappeared after school and now I get accused eh?! 😉 Anyways, You can mail me at and leave a number that i can probably call on sometime. Cheers…

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