It’s OK, it’s the festive season

If there is anyone out there who is not pigging out this festive season, still exercising and therefore still looking great in tight jeans, how do you do it!? How do you resist indulging in sweet and savory delights put in front of you, begging to be eaten? Answer: you don’t.

This week (and I presume the next one too) has seen me relieving my year’s nonsensical preoccupations (what am I doing with my life, why am I in Spain, I have a white hair (!), when am I going to clean the cobwebs in my room, etc etc) by eating full-fat food and dessert, nonstop. No exercise. No real work. Lots of sleep. Lots movies. Lots of unproductive thinking. Lots of nothing.

It’s great to have these days but it’s hard to really enjoy them when you don’t have a proper job. I feel guilty; like I have no right to take time off. Of course that’s not true. Everyone has the right to take time off. Even if they don’t have any concrete achievements to justify hours of absolute lethargy.

Much needed conclusive note: Come January and it’s going to be crazy again, so sit down and enjoy every morsel of that molten-chocolate-whipped-cream cake.

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