My Perm Days…UGHHHH!

You know how you look at old photos and go, OH MY GOD, what was I thinking!? Why did I do that to my hair!?

Well a dear friend decided to post this on Stalkbook today, and of course he tagged me so that everyone can see! (Thanks Jo 🙂

I had permed hair for almost 2-years. Yuck. Never again.

The photo is from my days in Australia…I used to live with these two and I think we were on our way to Sydney. Wow. That was atleast 6-years ago.

After that, I cut it super short and spiky — I liked that — I even dyed it partially blonde. (YUP!) Then, sick of looking like a teenage boy for about 3 years — I decided to grow my hair back and had to pass that awful in between growing stage; everyone used to call me Mogli (Yes, from Junglebook) OMG.

Yeah…I’ve had many bad hair periods. Now it stands long, very straight and natural brown. And that’s how it’s staying for a while.


  1. Hey those perms don’t look that bad after all..
    wear a bandana – and you’ll be one of the hip hop writer ..

  2. Hello, just in case you’re interested, or know anyone who might be, we will be holding a Global Evening on Australia tomorrow night at 8.30pm. After a one-hour lecture by Anthony Bozic (our Australian teacher), we will be serving a light dinner. Ticket is 30€. (but it will be worth it!!)

  3. Now do u why I didnt speak to u for so long?? It was the HAIR….hahahaha……i’m glad I can actually joke bout that…..oh we were soo young…..hehehehe

  4. No worries, thought you might like that! We where on our way to Mardi Gras. Got some other golden oldies if interested! 🙂

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