Martian wake-up call

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10 months in Madrid, and I’ve finally invested (a whole 8 Euros) in an alarm clock (who needs those in Spain anyway!?).

I had bought this 1 Euro alarm from a Chino around the corner, which kinda did the job — even though it kept ringing randomly, and never said the correct time; as long as I reset it before going to bed, it was ok.

Well almost ok. Being late to my 8am classes for the last 2 weeks (it’s hard to wake-up in winter!), I was in desperate need of a good one and this is what I bought.

Doesn’t it look like it’s fallen straight out of space? It’s cute and it has radio — BUT — it also talks!! YES! IT TALKS! When the alarm goes off, it says the time “son las dos horas y catorce minutos” in an annoying female nasal voice. Why couldn’t they put a deep, soft and sexy male voice so I could wake-up in different glory?

Oh well. I guess atleast I’m not going to have problems waking up now.

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