New dancing shoes!

I bought what I first thought was the ugliest pair on the rack.

They are gold and silver with a butterfly pattern, not me at all — even trying them on was out of the question. Then the shop owner said that it was her best selling model because of the way it fits and that I should try them on, especially because I have super narrow feet.

And I did and I bought them! Euro 109 *gasp* definitely the most expensive shoes I’ve ever owned.

They hug my foot perfectly and my toes don’t stick out the front! To find shoes where my toes don’t stick out is almost impossible unless I get them custom made, but I never have the patience for that.

These actually don’t look bad when on — they do not appear not as gaudy-goldy as they look. Besides, they are a dancing shoes — they’re supposed to be jazzy and all! I can’t wait to wear them. My other three seem like the dogs have eaten them; they are going into the bin tomorrow.


  1. These are some of the fanciest shoes I have ever seen. I think I would have to wear them all the time around my house, no only because they are fabulous, but because ¡no fueron bararos! There are somethings that are worth a chunk of your income, and for you, dancing shoes are on that list. horray!

  2. Hi Abha
    Chanced upon your blog when doing a search on dancing shoes in dubai. I recently bought myself a pair tango shoes from Paris… they’re so lovely (and expensive) I’d rather not wear them to my practice sessions lest i ruin them. Any ideas on where I could get a decent pair in Dubai? Appreciate your help. Thanks!

    1. The only good dance shoe shop I know of in Dubai is in Palm Strip on Jumeirah Beach Road (next to Japengo); second floor, not sure of the name of the shop though! good luck!

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