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Yeah, that whole Tumblr experience didn’t last too long. It’s a great program, and honestly I’d like to continue on it — but a few things have brought me back here:

— People cannot interact with me unless they email me. They cannot leave comments, nor can I measure traffic, nor can I link to other people, nor can I transfer all my archives to Tumblr, bla bla bla — that’s enough reasons to come back here I guess. I felt like I was writing to a wall on Tumblr.

Also, I can do everything I do on Tumblr on Blogger, and I feel like it’s home on Blogger so yeah, I’m back! šŸ™‚ Maybe I will juggle the two, I dunno — but Blogger will stay my home.

For those who checked me out on Tumblr, what did you think? (Please, someone tell me they saw me on Tumblr?)

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  1. Bharat Jethwani Avatar
    Bharat Jethwani

    Yes my dear. I saw you in Tumble Mumble.

  2. Abha Avatar

    Bharat!! :)) My one and only loyal reader! What would I do without you!?

    How are you? where are you? kya haal? will write you soon!

  3. D Avatar

    I saw you on Tumble… hmmm …
    I liked the concept of photos and random quotes etc etc but was pretty annoyed when I realized I could not comment.

    PS – Diwali dinner??? No way dudette… Happy Diwali anyway šŸ˜€
    I had nice kababs and all that on Diwali with my family and then went to watch a very blue film – Saawariya!!!

  4. Leigh Avatar

    I thought the same thing as you when about Tumblr but have changed my mind. What gave me the aha moment was bumbing into a bunch of Tumblr blogs that were by designers who were using it less as an aggregation or blogging platform and more as a creative digital scrap book – an idea stream of sorts. I have a tumblr link from my blog (i don’t push my blog postings there however, two separate worlds for me) to see mine and you could try going to – his rocks.

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