My First Curry Night

So I’m cooking curry for the first time for…urrr…12 people tomorrow night. Holy shit.

When I told my mum, she said: “Why!?” (I’ve never cooked curry in my life, and I’m not particularly a good cook). I’ve hardly ever cooked for my parents either, so this reaction is not uncalled for.

My ex-flatmates from Valencia are coming for the night to Madrid, so it’s in their honour. 15 months in Spain and it’s kinda over due, don’t you think?

“But you don’t know how to cook Abha,” says my flatmate Javi most innocently. “Should we bring some pizza backup?”

Guys I’m going to make this hot-ass curry, you will be begging for more.

(I wish!) *sigh*

I’m still quite excited though, but am freaking out a bit too. It’s a lot of pressure to cook for a dozen people.

I have been making visits to the Bangladeshi spices shop for the last three days, to make sure I have the right stuff. I have been asking him for his opinion on what mixes are better than the other, then cross checking with my mum, stuff like that. He can’t stop smiling as he speaks to me. I think he thinks I like him.


Menu is: chicken curry. gira-aloo. raita. gira-rice. and bhel! yeah can you believe it? bhel!? hahaha.

Will take some pics and post them, whether it works out or not.


  1. Ok…no surprises on this comment but what is BHEL?? Is it like Pani Puri?? Absolutely clueless

    FYI – had Vdoka Pani Puri…bless the Absolut cuz the other stuff was downright bad 🙂

  2. Muster: that is disgusting. Am glad you still read here!

    I need to write to you. Will do soon.

    Nuri: Send me your postal address! 🙂

  3. of course I do…..follow your blog with a passion….perhaps secretly jealous that I am still chasin money, cars, a house with a view an women….correction make that WOMAN….whilst u enjoy the best part of your years…..doin absolutely everythin an anythin your heart desires…..

    FYI – I bought a new car….the BMW 630 full options…..kick ass….seriously!!! U know I aint gonna change dont ya 😉

    write to me an keep in touch yeah…or perhaps u can see my FB status to know which side of the bed I woke up from 😉

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