Trying Tango Again

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A few years ago, with utter ganas of getting back into a dance class, I went to a tango lesson.

As a salsa dancer who had a salsa instructor as a boyfriend and taught with him for a significant period, I don’t have the patience to go to a salsa class anymore, I also find it below my dignity now. Yes, give me a black star for having said that out loud. Unless it’s a super-advance class where you have guys who are actually advance dancers, you learn nothing and you feel like an idiot. For those who didn’t realize, all the advance dancers are on the dance floor, not in an academy; so that’s where you need to be to get better if you are a seasoned dancer.

Anyway, so in my first tango class a few years ago, I loved the dance. It had this profound seduction that took no time to win me over. But the problem was the music. I couldn’t stand it, nor could I follow it. It annoyed me and stressed me out. I felt rigid and restricted. Also, the seriousness of the dance got the better of me, I couldn’t handle it. I could never go back.

Recently something stirred in me and I decided to give it another try. And this time I loved it — music, seriousness and all. To the extent that I have decided I want to learn all of it, and maybe even perform one day — something that has not appealed to me in 4-years of dancing salsa. Perhaps it’s because I’m older now. (?)

Tango is the complete opposite of salsa.

In salsa, all your energy is out there — wild, fun and sexy. In tango, you have to contain all your energy inside you — to feel powerful, intense, smooth and seductive. Your look alone should have the power to kill.

There is something very appealing about having the power to do that. About being able to channelize and balance all your energy in the centre of your body so as to be able to give-in gracefully to the man you are draped around while you are dancing.

My impatience wants me to conquer the art NOW. Will need a few months to begin with though. I’m excited.

I’m already imagining myself with a high-slit black dress and red stilettos circling the dance floor with all my energy centred for the man to take control of.

As someone who loves to be silly, I just need to learn how to keep a straight face when I have to give my partner that piercing gaze that kick starts the dance.

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